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STN Taijiquan Jubilee Festival 2022

40 years of STN !!!

Festival & Open Dutch Championships

Like every year, the STN taijiquan festival takes place in November. This year, the occasion is very special. The STN (Stichting Taijiquan Nederland) was founded in 1982, making this our 40th (!) year. Because of this, the festival will be extra special. In addition to the yearly Open Dutch Championships, we have extra special workshops, the cosy market and on Sunday a party with a celebratory program (for more info on the Sunday program, see bottom of this page) where we’ll look back at 40 years of Tai Chi in the Netherlands. The weekend will offer something for everyone, young and old, advanced or beginner, martial art lovers, health experts or qigong practitioners.

Taijiquan, Qigong and Pushing Hands

Of course, an important element will be again the competition (taijiquan and qigong duo and groups and push hands). The registration is open! Register now via one of the below forms. If you have problems with filling in the form, you can register by emailing: judith@taijiquan.nl.

Registration is closed.

Some practical information:

  • Access and participation in the competition on Saturday, November 12th is for STN members € 30,00 (and includes participation in one discipline).
  • For non-STN members access and participation is € 40,00 (and includes participation in one discipline).
  • Additional disciplines are € 8 each.
  • If your primary teacher/sifu has an STN Teacher’s membership, you are entitled to a € 5 discount. (Include the name and STN number of your teacher in your registration/email.)
  • Spectators, supporters and coaches: € 10,00 (does not include access to the workshops)

Relevant documents

Time and place to be:

Saturday, November 12, 2022 from 8.00 – 18.00 (Festival & Dutch Open)
Sportcentrum Olympos
Uppsalalaan 3, Utrecht

Sunday, November 13, 2022 from 12.30 – 18.00 (Celebration Party)
ZIMIHC Theater Zuilen
Prinses Christinalaan 1, 3554 JL Utrecht

N.B. In Utrecht, there are two streets with the name Prinses Christinalaan. Search for point of interest “Theater Zuilen”.

We have known each other for many years, and we hope to see many of you at the Celebration Party on November 13th 2022 where we want to highlight the history of the STN in a theatre setting.

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