Albert St Cathrine – Inzicht in applicaties benaderd vanuit de Wudang stijl

In this seminar, I will take some of the knowledge from competition in pushing hands and Tai Chi Chuan training. This seminar will be looking at combing and bridging the gap between self-defence and pushing hands to better understand this important link.

Fighting usually always starts at distance between opponents but almost always ends in some kind of grappling, this is where our pushing hand’s training merges with self-defence. This Seminar will explore different ways of defending from different attacks using movement, timing, strategy and body mechanic.

Albert St Catherine

I have been practising Tai Chi Chuan for more than 25 yrs, before this, I practised two other styles of Martial Arts. Although I have done other styles of martial arts Tai Chi Chuan is the one that I have delved into the deepest and am most paginate about.

In the time I have been practising Tai Chi Chuan I have been competing In Tai Chi competitions Hand Forms,  Weapons Forms and pushing hands for around 20 plus years. Started competing in the 1996 British open and continued throughout and last competed in 2017 -2018. During this time I have won many medals in pushing hands including 2 European gold medals as well as 2 silver medals.

I hope to see you on the workshop!

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