Master Gu Jiaying – WuQinXi Qigong

About the teacher

Master Gu is the the only  supervisor of the Yangzhou Healthy Qigong association. She has a a broad and deep experience in competitions and training courses in the Jiangsu Province of China. Every year, she is responsible, as the general coach, for the Yangzhou Qigong competitions, performances, presented lectures and workshop.

She has the National Coach Certificates for Chinese Wushu and Chinese Qigong. In September 2017 she was Invited by the German Healthy Qigong Association  to give a lecture in Dusseldorf.

In October 2017, she gave lectures at 6 martial arts schools in the Netherlands. Her lectures do not only focus on learning the physical actions, but also focus on theoretical analysis. A specialty in her lectures is the introducion of the Chinese medical and meridian theories.

About the workshop

WuQinXi was created during the Han dynasty (1800 years ago ) by the famous chinese medicine doctor-Hua Tuo. All the actions imitated 5 natural animals:

  • tiger exercise(虎戏)、
  • deer exercise(鹿戏)、
  • bear exercise(熊戏)、
  • monkey exercise(猿戏)、
  • bird exercise(鸟戏)

The action of WuQinXi reflects the all-round movement of the body torso, including stoop front, back bow, side bending, twisting, folding, lifting, opening and closing, zooming and other various postures. The postures are beneficial to the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and other parts of the body.

The method focuses on the movement of fingers, toes and other joints. For the purpose of  strengthen the remote blood circulation.

WuQinXi is the first Chinese Qigong; it is the first step and basis of other types of Qigong