Festival 2019 – Special Guests

We are tremendously proud that this festival we will be graced by special and honorary guests from the Henan and Jiangsu Provinces in China.

Honorary guests:

Professor Qiu Zhigang – Professor of the Yangzhou University, president of the Yangzhou Wushu Association and in 1992 awarded 8th duan by the State Council.


Grandmaster Shi Yan Po – 34th generation Shaolin Kungfu warrior monk of the Shaolin Temple under abbot Shi Yong Xin.

Master Gu Jia Ying – Supervisor of the Yangzhou Healthy Qigong association and general coach of the Yangzhou Qigong competitions and performances.

And of course we are very also very happy to be visited by the team delegation of the Jiangsu Province.