Anil Bhagole – Health Qigong

About the workshop

Anil Bhagole

More than 6 millions practitioners all over the world are practicing Health Qigong now! During this workshop participants will learn some key movements from the standardized Health Qigong routines like Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Xing ji, Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin Shu and Da Wu. Each movement will be explained step by step and practised.

Also the benefits of Health Qigong for body and mind will be addressed during this workshop. The workshop is accessible for all, at all ages.

About the Teacher

The workshop will be given by Anil Bhagole who is an inner student of Shifu Fei Yu Liang. Together with Shifu Fei Anil traveled to many places in the world to practice and promote Wushu, Taiji and Qigong. Anil was for many years an athlete of the National Wushu team of The Netherlands. Under the guidance of Shifu Fei he participated with the national team at several National, European and World championships.

After being an active athlete of the national team, Anil fulfilled the role of team manager of several national teams. Anil is currently the Vice President of the Dutch Health Qigong Association.

Health Qigong

Shifu Fei Yu Liang

In 2005 the Dutch Health Qigong Association was founded as the first international Health Qigong association outside of China. The Dutch Health Qigong Association (DHQA) is the official representative of Health Qigong in the Netherlands. Shifu Fei Yu Liang is the founder and President of the Dutch Health Qigong Association and Vice President of the International Health Qigong Federation.

The main activities of DHQA are to organize international competitions and activities of Health Qigong, to educate the international technical standards of Health Qigong, to develop training plans and management of Health Qigong athletes, coaches and referees in The Netherlands. DHQA provides official training and examinations for teachers in the Netherlands and supports the official National Health Qigong team to international events.

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World Health Qigong Tournament and Scientific Forum

In 2017 the Dutch Health Qigong Association in cooperation with its partners organised the World Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange & the World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium in the Hague area. More than 400 participants from all over the world participated in this international event.

Health Qigong demonstration in front of the United Nations Peace Palace in The Hague