The 2018 workshops and the masterclass for the STN will explore and develop Hwa, Na, and Fa. Hwa Jin is neutralizing force, Na Jin is seizing your opponent and Fa is to release energy into your opponent. These jins should be used in every interaction in taijiquan.

In the workshops, during the Taijiquan Festival, this subject will be explained. In the Masterclass on Sunday, November 11 day we will have more time for training and better understanding.

Andy Mack and his son Duran are the London representatives of the Heaven Man Earths school (HME) of Adam Mizner. Andy’s martial background is Muay Thai and Boxing. His spiritual background is Thai Buddhism.
HME has two lineage streams. One through Lau King and master Yek in Huang Sheng Shyan’s line. The other through Michael Phillips (Chen Man Ching line).

Andy and Duran also practice ‘Qigong Tui Na’, a special kind of massage that was learnt through the Chianghsia Qigong Tui Na sect from Sifu Richard Huang.

More information can be found here.