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Op deze pagina vind je taiji en qigong workshops die bij de STN aangesloten leraren aanbieden. Voor reguliere lessen kun je kijken op de lerarenpagina en zoeken naar lessen in jouw buurt.

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The tree as a creative, conscious being, is the central motif of this workshop.

Just like a tree, we explore how to stand in full-sight, treading alive pathways in our bodies, between the solid and the fluid, dark and the light, Earth and Heaven.

We get intimate with the generative and transformational forces evoked in us, by the tree’s creative cycle:


This workshop unfolds mostly outdoors in direct relationship with the environment, facilitating a discovery journey paved along the path between the landscape inside and the landscape outside.

We engage in ancient and nature-resonance practices, such as:
◦ still chi kung (zhan zhuang, archetypical postures for health)
◦ slow movement
◦ nature dialogue walks
◦ walking chi kung
◦ ally work with the tree fieldOutcomes:
◦ ancient and easy-to-follow practices that you can take home and integrate in your daily life
◦ expanded perception, heart-awareness, grounding tools and increased body presence
◦ practices for orientation and connecting to environment
◦ grounded awareness in respect to your sense of place in the web of life and your creative/healing power

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