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Attentie: vanwege Covid-19 kunnen evenementen zijn aangepast of uitgesteld.
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The tree is the central motif of this workshops.

Just like a tree, we explore how to stand in a balanced way in between the heaven and earth and we get intimate with the fundamental forces evoked by the tree’s life cycle:


We engage in simple, ancient and nature-based practices, such as:

– still chi kung (zhan zhuang, archetypical postures for health)

– eight internal stretches (ba duan jin)
– slow movement
– walking chi kung
– partner work with the trees

This training makes available:

– simple and efficient practices that you can take home and integrate in your daily life
– exercises that nourish your sensorial awareness, immunity, nervous system regulation, heart-based connection, grounding and intimacy with yourself and the surrounding world
– orienting and connecting to environment
– exploration and play around what it means to be part of the web of life connecting all living beings

This workshop it’s open to all levels of practice, and no previous chi kung experience is required.

Coronavirus safety requirements:

– there’s a limit for the number of participants, therefore the group should remain small. (max 7 person)
– the 1,5 meter distance should be respected
– the training unfolds outdoors
– participants should bring their own lunch and yoga mat
– the workshop might be cancelled, and in this case, your fee if already payed, returned.

Registration or more information, please send email to
After receiving your interest, Raquel will return with an intake form and the practical details.

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