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Attentie: vanwege de corona-crisis zijn de meeste (waarschijnlijk alle…) evenementen afgelast of uitgesteld.
Check dit voor de zekerheid bij de organisator van betreffend evenement.

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4 days of intensive training following the training system of Patrick Kelly with Taiji people from throughout Europe; P. Kelly students with a long training background as well as their students come together to exchange their knowledge and experience. A good opportunity to get some new impulses for one’s own training. All students of Patrick Kelly and their students are welcome as long as they are familiar with the form and the basic pushing hands patterns.

 Program:Loosening-exercises, short and long form, Pushing hands,


Begin:  May 29, 19:00- 22:00, May 30, 10:00-17:00, May 31, 10:00:1700,  June 1, 9:00-16:00


Fee:            a) 190,00 Euro

Minimum participation one day. Price per full day €55

Hotels in and around Utrecht


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