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Attentie: vanwege Covid-19 kunnen evenementen zijn aangepast of uitgesteld.
Controleer dit voor de zekerheid bij de organisator van betreffend evenement.

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Chi Kung open lessons introduces awake and in-the-body explorations around upright stillness, posture, energy management and organic cycles.During the course of 7 lessons, you will explore in your body the fundamental forces of the creative cycle: 

  • lesson 1: seed (essence)
  • lesson 2: verticality
  • lesson 3: rooting (sinking, leaning)
  • lesson 4: sprouting (rising)
  • lesson 5: branching (boundaries&reaching out)
  • lesson 6: blooming (rooted expression)
  • lesson 7: spreading (solidity&flexibility)

You can attend per session or apply for the whole series of 7 lessons. 

This openings are meant for everyone who is curious or longing for more energy, creative flow and wish to experiment somatic & nature based approaches for sensing into the body, tune-in with nature’s intelligence and nurture the inherent  cyclic, sensuous, healing nature within oneself.

No previous experience with Chi Kung is required.

Hotels in and around Utrecht


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