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Op deze pagina vind je taiji en qigong workshops die bij de STN aangesloten leraren aanbieden. Voor reguliere lessen kun je kijken op de lerarenpagina en zoeken naar lessen in jouw buurt.

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Modern Wushu & Traditional Kungfu & Taijiquan

The Wushu Family Belgium invites all Wushu schools with their students to participate in the Open Flanders Wushu Championship. This championship will be held on May 6, 2018, Belgium.

Male and female will not compete in the same category, only if there are not enough subscriptions, male and female will compete together! Each category must exist with the minimum of 3 competitors!
Each participant is able to compete in a maximum of three disciplines.

All categories will be divided in age groups (age at day of the event!!) Participants should bring a valid ID!!!

  1. 07 y and below
  2. 08 – 10 y
  3. 11 – 13 y
  4. 14 – 16 y
  5. 17+

Age groups can be changed by the organisation if there are too few participants in a group! Participants have to choose between modern wushu and traditional kungfu!! It is not possible to compete in both.

Modern Wushu

  1. Wubu quan , absolute beginners
  2. 32 Forms
  3. Intermediate routines:  for example CQ 46 or NQ 55
  4. Compulsory routines IWUF : 1stand 2nd set together, separated if enough participants!
  5. Third sets ( NQ,ND,NG actually the second sets ) together with Optional Nandu , separated if more than 3 participants in each set.

Traditional Wushu
Fist forms, short weapons, long weapons ( forms may not longer exceed than 1.45 min )

Fistforms Yang , Chen; Weapons: sword, fan, stick, ea

1stplace              Medal
2ndplace             Medal
3rdplace             Medal

One event           EUR 15,-
Two events         EUR 25,-
Three events       EUR 30,-

Registration forms – DEADLINE
Registration forms need to be sent before April 14, 2018 !! After this date, no more registrations will be taken in!! NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

All payments must be done by bank transfer before April 22, 2018!


Participants fee from withdrawals will not paid back!

Sunday   06-05-2018      08.00 – 09.00 h

Participants should bring a valid ID !!!

Coach & Judge Meeting  Saturday 09.45 h

Gathering Athletes and Coaches.  10.00 h

Opening ceremony.  10.15 h

Marching in athletes.
Please bring your club flag with you for marching-in!

Competition starts at 10.30h at three areas!

Youth / Adults 32 sets –intermediate sets – Taijiquan
Compulsory forms Youth&adults ( 1st, 2ndand 3rd sets), Optional
Traditional Kungfu

Training sessions

Sunday morning 08.30 – 09.45h


Sunday 06/05

08.00 – 09.00 h
08.30 – 09.45 h
09.45 – 10.00 h
10.00 – 10.15 h
10.15 – 10.30 h
10.30 h
Registration.  After 09.00 no registration possible!!!!
Training Competition Area
Doors Open for Audience
Coach & Judge Meeting
Gathering Teams
Opening Ceremony
Competition start


Vanhorenbeek Jurgen
0032 (0)494187484

Hotels in and around Utrecht


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